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The Road to Sonic Bloom

Sonic Bloom's 10 year anniversary, dubbed the “Family Reunion,” is quickly approaching. It has come a long way and after years of growth through venue changes, over coming calamity and fostering some of Colorado's up and coming electronic music talent, this year's summer solstice event at the Hummingbird Ranch in Spanish Peaks county is shaping up to be one of the best years yet.

Missoula's Night in White

This year, the stage was shared by Apashe, a Brussels native based out of Montreal, MUST DIE!, originally from Houston who now lives in Berlin, and Missoula's own Kapture, who has performed with the BassFace Krew and at last year's Socotra. Luminox was also scheduled, but his flight was canceled.

Com Before The Storm

“This is too good,” a fan yelled. “Yo Seth, Missoula loves you.” While not utterly focused on the machines in front of him, Haley responded with a chuckle and effortlessly smoothed back his mane, a move comparable to Cruise himself. 


Summer of Fun

The end of the summer is quickly approaching and so far it has been a blast. Missoula has had so much great talent come through and perform that it's hard to keep up with it all and there is a bunch more fun to come!

Our Own Little Snowball Keeps Growing

Here comes the fun! It's an exciting time to be in Missoula with so many cool things happening all the time. In this past month, a lot of talented folks have shown us their skills.

Doldrums Entertainment has been growing like crazy too. Artists from DE have been hard at work producing both audible and visual goodness, opening for some amazing acts, and just getting out there by performing a bunch, all over.

On top of that, new artists have been joining our ranks left and right! We haven't even announced them all yet. Friends of DE have been releasing new original music, plans for more reviews are in the works, and our website is constantly being updated with all kinds of cool stuff.