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Entertainment News

Com Before The Storm

“This is too good,” a fan yelled. “Yo Seth, Missoula loves you.” While not utterly focused on the machines in front of him, Haley responded with a chuckle and effortlessly smoothed back his mane, a move comparable to Cruise himself. 

Hawaiian Love

The Califorina-Hawaiian reggae of J Boog blessed the stage of the Top Hat Lounge in Missoula, Montana, Friday October 3rd. With the help of his opening band Hot Rain, he performed what he called the “feel good” reggae style to a crowd of around 500 and almost everyone was on their feet the entire time.

The Smooth Flow of Muzikata

They started their performance with a cover of Phil Collins' song “In The Air Tonight,” but with their own reggae twist that picked up right when the original song's tempo kicked in. It was really cool because, as it was, they did the song justice. Then, to receive the renewed style too, it made you want to cheer. It was strikingly as similar and pleasing to listening to as Dub Side of The Moon, the album by Easy Star All-Stars.

The Bearmouth Headliner

From problems with their equipment to forgetting the words to one of their songs, the Heartless Bastards seemed a little rough around the edges. Headlining the second day of Bearmouth Music Festival 2014, Friday June 20th, in Haugan, Mont. to a crowd of over 500, the alternative-rock band from Austin, Texas played songs that had bluesy influences, thoughtful lyrics, and a strong female lead vocal that included southern styled rock in her charm.

Folk With An Edge

Folk Hogan's music had a punk twist, much like the Dropkick Murphys, including a heavy accordion performance. The lyrics comprised of stories about women, intriguing narratives and plenty of drinking.

The Hasslers and the Lucky Few

Starting off the show, guitarist Owen Thayer was using his lap steel guitar, bending cords with ease. Right next to him, he had two other guitars that he traded back and forth throughout the performance and if that wasn't enough, he would switch guitars with Hassler and start rocking the banjo too.

The Rap Guys With Ties

Performing with a style that resembles 8-Track Mind or Wisdom, Deadly D's voices flowed together nicely with an articulate sound and precision emphasis that turned their words into notes from their collaborative instrument.

Heating up Bearmouth with Yamn

Smoke-like mist poured from the faces of Yamn the first night of Bearmouth Music Festival as the temperature dropped and the energy rose. Headlining Yellowstone to an intimate crowd of about 150, almost an hour after sunset Thursday, June 19th, the band from Denver bared face melting guitar solos, an energetic keyboardist and a new member to play a second guitar.

Umphrey’s McGee, The Wilma Theatre, Missoula, MT- 3/5

This was an article written by me, Richard Barry, for Relix online back in March. Links have been updated, but other than that, it is in its original format that they published it in. The title will link to their site. Enjoy.

Rainbows once again poured out from Umphrey’s McGee’s lights, covering the packed house of smiling faces at the Wilma in Missoula, Montana. One of the first stops on their latest tour, UM did not disappoint as they played with the emotional strings of the audience like the tempo of their songs.

White Denim's Acid-Washed Blues

Rocking the Top Hat in Missoula, Montana on Wednesday, January 30th, White Denim played to a smaller crowd of 150 plus people, but like their sixth and newest record they are touring to promote, Corsicana Lemonade, they did not fail to impress. Originally from Texas, the four-piece band came with sounds that range from Classic Rock to Blues, Jazz, Funk and probably more, all while jamming to a modern eclectic sound, usually with a moderately fast tempo.


Summer of Fun

The end of the summer is quickly approaching and so far it has been a blast. Missoula has had so much great talent come through and perform that it's hard to keep up with it all and there is a bunch more fun to come!

Our Own Little Snowball Keeps Growing

Here comes the fun! It's an exciting time to be in Missoula with so many cool things happening all the time. In this past month, a lot of talented folks have shown us their skills.

Doldrums Entertainment has been growing like crazy too. Artists from DE have been hard at work producing both audible and visual goodness, opening for some amazing acts, and just getting out there by performing a bunch, all over.

On top of that, new artists have been joining our ranks left and right! We haven't even announced them all yet. Friends of DE have been releasing new original music, plans for more reviews are in the works, and our website is constantly being updated with all kinds of cool stuff.

G Love and John Howard Videos

This week, we went out and watched some G Love & Special Sauce for you, and posted “My Baby's Got Sauce.” The amazing John Howard, local comedian from Missoula Home Grown, is joining our family and we are working on starting to add Missoula's Favorite DJ to our ranks for next week (yes, that's a hint). Our calendar is starting to fill up and there is more that we haven't even mention yet.

Our Epic Return

Doldrums Entertainment is here to stay. Sorry folks about our small hiatus, but we are back and you should expect to see plenty more music and entertainment here, from now on. We have all been working hard at bringing you more content and this coming month should be fun.

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